I offer entrepreneurial and wellness coaching services.

“Elizabeth is a consummate professional. The coaching sessions began with a fully outlined topic agenda, and although we were disciplined to remain on topic, the sessions were consistently fun and allowed for answering of numerous questions. I was appreciative of the insights she shared, and her deep knowledge of the landscape of the startup business environment and process. She provided enthusiasm and ‘can do’ spirit, which I believe is essential for any entrepreneurial coachee, and especially female entrepreneurs in the startup space.” – Kris Smole, Entrepreneurial Coaching Client

My entrepreneurial coaching practice is focused on helping clients evaluate businesses ideas at the earliest stages, secure funding, and plan for effective growth. As a female founder, I gained extensive experience working with both startups and traditional small businesses, offering services within the sphere of marketing, technical consulting, usability, and branding. In 2016, I sold my first company to come to Portland, Oregon. I’ve never looked back! Since then I’ve worked with startups in the spheres of beer, cryptocurrency, music, higher education, financial analysis, and augmented reality. My practice is geared to be accessible to women, minorities, and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you have a great idea and you are wondering where to start, let’s talk.

Wellness coaching services consist primarily of working with individuals with depression, PMDD, and mood disorders, in consultation with a licensed therapist and/or psychiatrist. While licensed clinicians typically concentrate on medication and healing deep-seated issues, wellness coaching is focused on achieving specific goals in the context of illness or disability. Goals may include going back to school or work, developing an exercise plan, or dating after divorce or separation. Wellness coaching can be either short-term (six sessions) or ongoing and is meant to complement, not replace traditional psychotherapy and medical care.

I am available to meet in-person, or via phone or video conference. All client communications are treated as private and confidential, regardless of whether we choose to work together. Call or email me to schedule your free consultation.

Beth G.

Certified Peer Support Specialist
Certified Professional Coach