Getting the Word Out

PDX Local is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to helping get the word out about important community resources and services in the Portland area and beyond. We also maintain directories of crisis resources and interview local artists and small business owners. Our goal is to share relevant news with the Portland, OR metro area.

I have enormous respect for independent artists and local businesses. I know firsthand how hard they struggle to get the word out. Unlike a large corporation, they may not have any  marketing budget at all. Instead, they depend on word of mouth. And word of mouth is harder to come by in the Internet age. The purpose of this site is to share products and organizations that fit into one or more of several categories: sustainable, local, independent, woman-owned, minority-owned, organic, fair trade, and vegan. Or just stuff that seems really cool and pertinent for folks in PDX. Stuff that I like and you might too.

What does it mean to shop consciously and intentionally? It means we get to vote with our pocketbooks. In a time when many of us are feeling alienated and disempowered, it’s an easy, painless way to make a genuine difference in people’s lives. Small businesses operate at smaller scale and with smaller margins than their chain competitors; this means that a handful of new customers really can have an impact.

Thanks for stopping by. And if you have suggestions for products, people, or places to feature in this blog, please get in touch.